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Amarrah Brewer is desperate and grief-stricken.

For ages, the town of Bitterburn has sent tribute to the Keep at the End of the World, but a harsh winter leaves them unable to pay the toll that keeps the Beast at bay. Amarrah volunteers to brave what no one has before—to end the threat or die trying. 

The Beast of Bitterburn has lost all hope.

One way or another, Njål has been a prisoner for his entire life. Monstrous evil has left him trapped and lonely, and he believes that will never change. There is only darkness in his endless exile, never light. Never warmth. Until she arrives.

It's a tale as old as time... where Beauty goes to confront the Beast and falls in love instead.


"LOVED it. I couldn't put it down until I was done. Everything I want out of a Beauty and the Beast retelling! Such a gentle but sexy love story!" --Suleikha Snyder, author of TIKKA CHANCE ON ME & BIG BAD WOLF "It was exactly what I was looking for without me being able to articulate what it was I was looking for. It was grief and loss and hope and magic and heartache and trust and the slow burn of a new romance all set in a beloved, wildly imaginative world." --Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal "Ann Aguirre creates a world of mystery, magic, romance, and raw emotion that swept me away into a wintery world I never wanted to leave. I was absolutely enthralled by Amarrah and Njål's story."--Britt the Hatters @ GoodReads "This book has mystery, romance and old world charm. I enjoyed the close link with the traditional story that we all know, but at no time did I feel I knew how the story would end. The surprises kept coming right to the end."--A Book Lover's Emporium Blog "BITTERBURN is a story that will stay with me for awhile, as I ponder its nuances and heart. I heartedly recommend BITTERBURN to readers of historical romance, shifter and fantasy romance, gothic romance, readers who enjoy Us Against the World and/or 2nd Chances trope, and HEAs."--Penelope @ GoodReads

Publishing date:
October 31, 2020
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