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  • How many books are there in the Razorland saga?
    The trilogy is comprised of Enclave, Outpost, and Horde. There are also some free short stories in Fade’s POV, a novella, and a prequel story. A fourth novel, Vanguard, is not part of the original series, but rather is more of a companion novel, and is primarily about Tegan, Morrow, and Szarok.
  • Do you have any books in Spanish?
    Yes, the Razorland trilogy is available in Spanish. We also sold Spanish rights for the YA SF series I co-wrote with Rachel Caine, so look for The Honors in Spanish as well.
  • So I want you to attend my… (writer’s conference, SFF con, book fair, group author signing, tea party, romance retreat, literacy fundraiser, step-nephew’s bar mitzvah). Can you make it?
    Currently, I'm not traveling, due to personal circumstances and also because of the pandemic. If the request fits into my deadline schedule, I'd be glad to chat in a virtual venue, however. If your book club is reading one of my novels and would like to Zoom or Skype with me for a Q&A, get in touch!
  • Do you ever sleep?
    I actually get this one pretty often. The answer is yes. But since I suspect this question has its roots in speculation regarding my productivity, I will elaborate. Yes, I’m prolific. I work a lot, I’d say forty to fifty hours a week. Here’s what my schedule looks like: If I’m drafting a book, I write for three hours in the morning. I don’t check email or mess around online. Generally, that’s 3K words. To keep the writing moving that fast, I block the scene the night before in bed as I’m waiting to fall asleep. I know what I’m writing in the morning, so there’s no blank staring time. When I’m writing, I write: typity typity type. Once I’ve finished my words, that’s not the end of my work day. I spend the other five hours working on edits, revisions, galleys, or whatever else has come across my desk. I also do promo and networking. At five, I knock off work. I make dinner for my family, and we hang out with the kids until 8:30. I spend 1.5 hours alone with my husband. At ten, we split up so he can have some quiet time (to play video games and watch bad Japanese horror movies.) From ten to midnight, I will do one of three things: (1) read a book, (2) chat on IM to one of my friends, (3) work more. It really depends on my mood as to which. Sometimes I combine options two and three. This is my life, five days a week, and it allows me to accomplish a lot. I am never doing nothing. I always have something percolating, and I rarely take more than a week off between projects. Weekends off keep me charged up and ready to keep working.
  • Why did you decide to end the Jax series?
    The Jax series was never meant to be open-ended. I had a finite story arc in mind, so at the end of six books, Jax’s story was told, and she’s free to pursue her life off-page. I didn’t care to extend the books beyond their natural life, as that might have caused deterioration in quality and/or intensity.
  • Did you sell a Jax spin-off?
    The Dred Chronicles (a trilogy) is set in the Jax universe, 30 to 40 years after Jax ends. The villain from Doubleblind, Jael, will be the hero & love interest. The heroine? Well, Dred is pretty awesome.
  • Dude. Where do you get all your ideas?
    Voices in my head tell me what to write. Luckily, they’re benign and don’t tell me to do anything else. Wait, that’s a lie. Sometimes they tell me to stay in bed and/or watch K-dramas, but I don’t listen, or I wouldn’t get any work done.
  • How do you pronounce your last name? It looks Irish. Is it Irish?
    Ah-GEAR-ay works fine, but if you can roll your “R”s in there a bit, then you’ve got it. It’s not Irish. You’re thinking of Maguire, I believe.
  • What’s your latest news?
    I'm working on a secret project, but I can't say more right now!
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