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Short story collection, featuring a story in Fade's POV, entitled Secret Heart.

With standalone short stories from a handpicked set of Fierce Reads authors, this fabulous collection will often feature characters or worlds from existing Fierce Reads titles. Extended, personal introductions from each author will make this a must-buy for fans as well as a fantastic portal for engaging new readers with the program. With a wide range of genres and subject matter, there will be something here for everyone!


“I have read Fade's thoughts, for Deuce, specifically. And damn those unspoken words made me melt. My heart was continuously fluttering… Fade's a sweet and gentle guy. Deuce's a fierce and independent girl. I needed more of them to subside these fluttering feelings.” Charyz @ Goodreads “I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved this collection. It is everything that a short story collection should be – a common thread throughout the tales, but such a diverse array of tales that constantly draw you in.” Skye @ Goodreads “Great collection of short stories...and now I have a bunch more authors to go stalk.” Deanna @ Goodreads

Square Fish
Publishing date:
March 12, 2015
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