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Marriage of convenience, Gothic romance-style  

Trude Burgess only has eyes for one person.
Her entire life, she never loved anyone other than Viggo Calder. She watched as he courted the perfect lady, wooed and won her. And then...he lost that ideal love. Trude married him anyway...because his little girl needed a mother. And she would do anything to prove that her love is enough to make up for that tragic loss.

Viggo Calder has never truly seen her.
Though he married for convenience, his heart remains icy and untouched. He made the sacrifice for his daughter, but he spends his nights drinking and mourning. As a friend, Trude was perfect, patient and endlessly generous; as his partner, she seems sensitive and difficult. If only he could be with his beloved first wife again...

When a magic mirror is involved, they must both take care with their wishes...


"A chilling Gothic Romance, so masterfully done, you'll be quaking for fear of Trude's marriage and life at the hands of a vengeful ghost one moment and burning up with the sizzling sex between her and her new husband, Viggo, the next." Queenly Reads @GoodReads "A few familiar faces, a twisted scheme that goes back years, heartache, happiness, and a whole lot of darkness hiding in the corners." Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal "Mirror, Mirror is another fabulous Ann Aguirre read. With a title like Mirror, Mirror and the mention of a stepmother, you might expect to read yet another fairytale retelling, but this book is so much better." Chi-Chi@GoodReads

Publishing date:
October 31, 2021
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