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From New York Times bestselling author Ann Aguirre comes the magical town of St. Claire, where anything is possible...

Iris Collins is the messy one in her family. The "chaos bunny." Her sisters are all wildly successful, while she can't balance her budget for a single month. It's no wonder she's in debt to her roommates. When she unexpectedly inherits a house from her great aunt, her plan to turn it into a B&B fails—as most of her plans do. She winds up renting rooms like a Victorian spinster, collecting other lost souls...and not all of them are "human." 

Eli Reese grew up as the nerdy outcast in school, but he got rich designing apps. Now he's successful by any standards. But he's never had the same luck in finding a real community or people who understand him. Over the years, he's never forgotten his first crush, so when he spots her at a café, he takes it as a sign. Except then he gets sucked into the Iris-verse and somehow ends up renting one of her B&B rooms. As the days pass, Eli grows enchanted by the misfit boarders staying in the house...and even more so by Iris. Could Eli have finally found a person and a place to call "home"? 


"This charming, cozy, contemporary romance from Aguirre is filled with wonderfully quirky characters...there are surprises around every corner and humor on every page; readers won’t want the magic to end." ―Library Journal "Aguirre's lovely, magical, found-family love story with a twist explores self-discovery, self-determination, and the impact of kindness." ― Booklist "The Only Purple House in Town is a delightfully cozy found-family story." ― Culturess "The Only Purple House in Town is the best fantasy romance book to be released this year." ― Manhattan Book Review "Aguirre's fans will be enchanted." ―Publishers Weekly "Cozy, witty, and full of heart." ― Kirkus

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